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  • Bill and Kim Cook decided to sell their ranch then live in an RV while they go around to various REI clubs to teach about door knocking. He makes ,on average, 8-10 offers a day when door-knocking and many offers get accepted. His only marketing expense is a little gas to get to the neighborhood. We do have a replay of a Coaching Call of Bill talking about Door-Knocking techniques and strategies. Look in the marketing section of the Premium Training.

    Here’s a video of Bill talking about Door Knocking:

    YouTube video

    Here is Bill’s training Schedule so far:

    May: California & Nevada: LA, San Diego & Las Vegas

    Prosperity Through Real Estate group: Speaking May 8, 2018 at main meeting. Door knocking on May 10. Teaching full-day seminar May 12, 2018. Steve Love runs group. This is confirmed.

    LAREIA (Los Angles REIA): Teaching on May 9, 2018, speaking at Bill Tans’ main REIA meeting. This is confirmed.

    San Diego REIA: Speaking main meeting May 15, 2018. Day of door knocking on Saturday, May 19, 2018. Jay Sherman confirmed. 3-1-2018: Jay said board may ask me to door knock for $97. I emailed price is $197. REIA is waving their split.

    Las Vegas REIA: Speaking May 23, 2018. Door knocking on June 1, 2018. Then teaching a one-day class on June 2, 2018. This is confirmed. This is Steve Love’s group

    June: Colorado: Colorado Springs, Denver

    Colorado Springs REIC: 1-14-2018: This is confirmed. Mike will be out of town. Lindsey will probably run the meeting. Meeting is June 6, 2018. Will do a day of door knocking on June 9.

    IRROC (Denver): Speaking for Brad’s main meeting on June 7. This is confirmed. Door knocking on June 16

    In Denver, on June 23, 2018, we’ll do a 4 horsemen seminar: David Tilney, Brad, Michael and me. Full day. Confirmed.

    July: Ohio: Columbus and Cincinnati

    Columbus REIA: Speaking at main meeting on July 3, 2018. Teaching a one-day seminar on July 14, 2018. (Vena has yet to choose my topic) This is confirmed. I need to add a day of door knocking.

    Cincinnati REIA: Speaking at main meeting on July 19, 2018. Teaching a one-day seminar on July 21, 2018. (Vena has yet to choose my topic) This is confirmed. I need to add a day of door knocking.

    August: Wisconsin – GreenBay REIA, Madison REIA, and Wausau REIA

    GreenBay REIA: Speaking at main meeting on August 8, 2018. Day of door knocking on August 11. This is confirmed.

    Madison REIA: Speaking at main meeting on August 13. Day of door knocking on August 18. This is confirmed. This is Chris’ REIA. Rachel works for Chris. So does Matt Rocket

    Wausau REIA: Speaking at main meeting August 20. Day of door knocking August 25. This is confirmed.

    September: Around Atlanta Chattanooga, plus teaching What Box with Pete Fortunato

    Chattanooga REIA: Speaking at main meeting on Thursday, September 6. This is confirmed through Alan. Will be teaching with Don DeRosa. On Saturday, September 8, teaching a 1/2 day options course from 9 to 12. Don teaching something from 1 to 5.

    What Box: September 15 & 16, 2018. I teach this with Pete Fortunato. This is confirmed.

    October: Virginia, NC & SC

    Richmond REIA: Have not locked this is yet

    Asheville REIA: Have not locked this in yet

    Charlotte REIA: 10-16-2018: Linda Dana confirmed that I’m teaching in Charlotte, and doing a day of door knocking on Saturday, October 20, 2018.


    North Metro REIA: I’m speaking at the main meeting on November 1, 2018. This is confirmed.

    South Atlanta REIA: I’m speaking at Stacy’s main meeting on November 7, 2018, then doing a full day calculator course on November 10, 2018. This is confirmed.

    – The back half of November, want to teach in around Tampa. Nothing set up yet.

    I would love to attend the one in Tampa if it happens.


    I would like to attend the meeting and door knocking in Madison Wi in August. Would you suggest contacting the REIA

    If anyone is interested in signing up for one of Bill’s classes and door knocking training, you can reach him at

    If your town is not listed on the list above, that means that he is not coming to your town. YOu’d need to travel to the towns where he has already made plans.

    I might even be able to get him to PANAMA soon!

    I attended one of his door knocking days last year and it was fantastic!

    I have hit a speedbump recently and would love to hear what you guys have done if this has happened to you.

    It seems like more and more often, people are very stand offish when they answer the door, and some have even turned around mid sentence and gone back in their house. I only knock in neighborhoods at the median income level or higher and I’m noticing this primarily in the median level neighborhoods. Is this common? I’d like to keep these neighborhoods on my list because potential profit and buyer base is good, but not a huge fan of the level of rude.

    Thanks for any advice, and if you haven’t seen Bill do his thing, definitely go to one of his events.

    As I think BC himself would say, stand way back from the front door and walk out into the yard if possible so that the people have to come out of the house to engage with you. Second, don’t start off by saying you want to buy their house, say you’re looking to buy A house and you heard this was a good neighborhood to buy one in, what do they think about the neighborhood? Circle around the question…”Somebody told me that there was a house for sale around here…do you know if there is one on this street?”. I’ve gone around to people with old cars and asked them if they’re interested in selling the car before leading up to asking about the house. Smile all the time. Be polite. Ask permission to talk. Apologize for bothering them.

    Bottom line: there’re strange people out there no matter what you do and some people don’t like speaking to doorknockers but the vast majority of people I’ve talked to give me leads or ask me if I want to buy their house.

    All of the above ideas I learned from Bill. He’s very good.

    This is awesome. I’m hoping to get a couple of them in Wisconsin.

    Thanks Jeff, I like those methods. I definitely do stand way back and they’ve come out, but then been standoffish. I definitely don’t mention buying their house unless they say they want to sell and I try to mimic what Bill did when I was around. Guess there might just be some unfriendly people out there lol

    I got this message from Bill a few days ago:

    Yesterday, Kim got a call from a couple in Seminole, Florida. They accepted an offer I made while door knocking in July 2017.

    Two days ago, we got a call from a seller in Austin, Texas. She accepted an offer I made two weeks ago while door knocking in Austin with three investors and a dog!

    Last week I got a call from Linsey in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She told me she just took down her third deal that was a direct result from our door knocking there last July.

    Message from me:

    Door knocking – it works! Give it a try.

    Thanks Jackie for Bill’s schedule. I didn’t get the chance to go door knocking here in Vegas. So, I will check him out in another city.

    Do you know if Bill is planning the same thing this summer? I was unable to go last year and want to go this year.

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