Commercial market in Las Vegas

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  • I just spoke to an real estate agent today in Las Vegas today, she said investors are still buying apartments, office, land and industrial, still hot right now!
    However I’m concern if the coronavirus will cause a market crash for a few quarters.

    HI Chris,

    My guess is that things have significantly slowed down in the last 4 days. Commercial buyers are very nervous now.. and rightly so.

    Hi Chris,

    Jackie is right, buyers (of all kinds) are very nervous.
    I don’t know about a crash, but many buyers are choosing a wait-and-see outlook.
    Which is to say — the market will freeze in place, at best.

    I’m a residential/commercial investor who, until very recently, lived in LV for 17 years.
    If you want to talk about strategy, please let me know, I’d be willing to talk.

    Mike Weiss

    In FL Tampa bay area, we just had a closing stall again…the lender put all loans on hold for 2 weeks. This was already approved and in the pipeline to close this week. This was for an investor loan on a rental duplex. I think those are the first lenders to hold off.

    Consumers for owner occupant loans may still be able to get mortgages…as long as they still have a job and credit.
    There is an interesting cycle ahead that is for sure. The uncertainty adds to it and the length of time until there is a solution to this pandemic is totally unknown and IMHO what will make all the difference in the length and severity of the market challenge.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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