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  • (1) if I sell one of my houses as a handyman as-is HBS for the highest down payment,
    is it still recommended to get and display a home inspection ?

    (2) is there another website I can use like highestbiddersale.com,,or will I need to create my own,
    and where should I start ?

    (3) I remember during a discussion here a certain type contract was recommended mainly because it would be easier to foreclose than evict, if the need arose. ???

    (4) was a sample posted of an example of different interest rates for different down payments ?

    (5) at what point do you get the buyers application for screening, credit etc ?

    yes you still need to get an inspection.

    just use craigslist for advertising. There is no need to have a website. The house will be sold faster than most people can get a website built.

    if you are selling, the buyer will get a warranty deed. This means you will need to foreclose if they do not pay. The only way to get a BIG down payment is to sell the property. If you do a lease with an option, you will not be able to get a big down payment.

    Thank you Jackie,
    I have done a regular HBS but this will be my first as a highest down payment.
    I have about 6 weeks to prepare and since its in another state ill need the time.
    I’m sure i’ll have more questions.
    I would welcome suggestions and tips from anyone who has experience with a HDP sale.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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