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    Ayesha, your two newest links you’ve labeled as “direct links” work very well for me, even though the two earlier links still return “does not exist” errors. While I can’t explain the difference, your final results are great.



    Update on the lost smartphone matter: I found this to be a rather inspiring story of a recent theft of some 100 such phones, and how some of the owners made it possible to track down the perp and recover the stolen phones because of an feature called “Find My iPhone”.


    I don’t know if there’s an equivalent system for Androids. For anyone whose smartphone is critical to their business, this is a big deal. I was reading elsewhere that in any large city in the US, an average of 10,000 smartphones vanish DAILY (no breakdown on lost versus stolen was provided).

    As they used to say on a long-gone TV cop show, “Be careful out there.”

    Now back to your regularly scheduled HBS adventure.



    Thank you, Dee.

    All the emails and calls I have received are from investors local to Tyler/Lindale area, or Realtors. I should be getting nervous now, YET I am not, for some reason:-)

    The handyman will be at the job site tomorrow morning at 8 am.
    Title company/Attorney’s office is saying it will take another 4 days to get title work in; it has already been 12 days. Reason given: another county. Read: too far, and we are too lazy to actually send someone over.

    Today I am finishing up on all the printing of the HIGHEST BIDDER DOCUMENT PACKAGE, the PROPERTY INFORMATION PACKAGE, INSPECTION REPORT, INFO SHEETS, BIDDING RULES sheets, HBS OVERVIEW sheets for every room. I’ll take the first 3 to Office Depot to be spiral bound later in the evening today.

    Here is a partial checklist I started as a prep tool for HBS:
    Simple Checklist to start prepping for an HBS

    82 views already on lakehouse.com You go girl!!!!


    I have a suggestion for your checklist for a highest bidder sale.

    You do not need to set up hosting or buy a theme.
    Just use el cheapo Godaddy.com websites which comes with a lot of free themes. Currently 3.99 a month, includes hosting!

    It is much better to just have a 1 page website. You do not need to upload all the forms. Remember your objective is
    to get people to either call or to go to the house. They can see all the forms the forms
    at the house.

    Or use weebly website — which is free. or WIX.com is also free. You can direct your domain name to the weebly website.
    then be sure to use your domain name in ALL ads. But also include an address, a phone number.
    and urgency words like MUST SELL – Home To Be Sold to the Highest Bidder.

    There are a lot of places to buy cheap domain names – godaddy is one of the most expensive. NameCheap.com is usually about $2

    I would add that it is better to not start your advertising too soon. 7-10 days before the two day open house is ideal. If you start advertising too soon, people will lose interest.

    Signs should go up i front of the house within 24 hours of getting an option ( unless not allowed by HOA)

    Flyers need to be distributed to all houses in the neighborhood a week before the open house.

    directional signs to the open house should go up the day before the open house and you need to make sure you have someone on sign duty who will periodically check the signs to make sure they are still up and replace missing signs.

    Which brings up… as soon as you know you are doing a HBS, you need to recruit HELP. You need at least 2-3 people. Don’t try to do a HBS by yourself.

    This thread has just helped me SO SO MUCH!!!!
    Thank you again. I just can’t thank you enough! I am hunting for motivated sellers NOW!

    Thank you, Nikia.


    Can you please provide the name or website of the cheap printer you mentioned using?

    Great ad and I’m totally stealing it for my HBS. Question though:

    Home to be Sold to the Highest Bidder! April 23rd!

    Worth $225,000
    Open House April 22 – 23rd from 1-5
    ADDRESS of the house!!!! (YOU LEFT OUT THE ADDRESS)

    Come Steal My House!

    Doesn’t say anything about ” * acceptable to seller” or some equivalent weasel words to avoid the whole absolute auction issue. Do I need to add something to not run afoul of that issue?

    I would not worry at this time. That will be all spelled out in your paperwork.

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