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  • yes to DFW – I skip anything in Vegas or LA or NYC

    Vegas would be nice..


    In late July/Early August I will be teaching a marketing (lead generation) seminar along with a few friends who are experts too. It will cover internet (online) and Offline marketing strategies.

    Would you rather go to Vegas or Dallas for this seminar?

    Our CashFlowDepot Annual Convention will be in Vegas May 22-24th — I’ll have more details about this soon

    I would prefer Dallas, just b/c its closer.

    Dallas as you will have had the last one in vegas. DFW is one of my favorite airports. Plus…BBQ

    Florida, Atlanta, Charlotte, DC Metro

    DC Metro or Boston


    DC, Boston and chicago all require that we use UNION workers for everything which triples the costs.

    Jackie, this is some of the absurdities I have to deal with on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong, there are some good people in the union, but many of them and ALL of the leadership is useless. I need some more wholesale deals so I can get out of this looney bin.

    Hmmm… Wonder why people and business are FLEEING this state and others like it. And, in our primary yesterday, the fools that live here elected the same people they have been for 50 years. Can’t figure out why the local economy is in the toilet…


    Any state that is controlled by Unions is off my seminar venue list. I’d have to charge $1500 a person just to break even.
    I know you don’t want to pay those kind of prices and I don’t want to charge them.

    At a regular hotel, they charge $65 per gallon for coffee ( it’s is insane) at a Union run state, they charge $150 per gallon for coffee.
    They even charge for hot water. Every little thing you see at a seminar has a price tag on it.

    I agree, stay out of DC proper, however,

    DC metro … lots of hotels around Dulles airport in Northern Virginia – No unions.
    One of your marketing mentors, Dan Kennedy, has held events in Reston, VA.

    BWI/Baltimore, not sure about Union labor in Maryland.


    Just because someone else had an event there does not mean they did not have to pay union wages. These areas are still a LOT more expensive for meeting room rental, equipment rentals, etc.

    When it is a Union hotel, you are not even allowed to plug the power plug for your laptop in to the meeting room wall. You have to get a Union worker to do it for $75 each time they insert a plug into the wall. RIDICULOUS!

    What about suburban Chicago! At an Embassy Suites or comparable facility. No need to get union workers. I’ll help in the preparation.

    Of course I like the idea of Arlington since it’s not far from me.
    IF you use the same hotel…could there be a deal worked out for the attendees to get free wifi?
    There’s hotels all around the Hilton that doesn’t charge for wifi.
    Just a thought.

    Atlanta or Dallas
    Be Special Bradley

    Vegas for me.

    Atlanta, Jackson MS or Dallas


    Let’s do Dallas. What month is best for everyone? I’m thinking October.

    Oct in DFW should work great ! Unless you can put it together sooner.

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