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  • Hello,

    Any suggestions of what I can say in my direct mail letter that might have landlords consider letting me first master lease there property and later on giving me the option to buy the property with seller finance?


    It would be a mistake to send a letter to ask for a Master Lease AND a seller financing at the same time

    You need to PROVE yourself to a landlord by doing the master lease first == for at least a year. Exceed their expectations. Pay on time. Get good tenants in the property. Don’t call about every little repair, etc. Then, and only then, talk to them about converting to seller financing at the end of the master lease.

    And, just because someone is a landlord does not mean they would be interested in a Master Lease. There needs to be some motivation for them to turn the property over to you. I highly recommend that you watch the videos and listen to the audios in the master lease section.

    Instead of sending a letter to all landlords, look for motivated situations like eviction. Don’t just focus on landlords. Sometimes an owner moves away from the area before their house is sold or moves in to a different house and gets stuck with two house payments.

    The most motivated owner is the one with a VACANT property – you can explain how you can solve their real estate problem quickly. Perhaps they never even thought of renting their house..

    Recruit allies – who are the people who know about owners with vacant houses? insurance agents and real estate agents.


    Do you think I might have a better chance with direct mail letters for master leasing than seller finance. I feel tired landlords are more likely to do master leasing at first than seller finance what do you think?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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