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  • Al White began a discussion over in the Master Lease forum at August 10, 2017 at 8:24 pm asking about master leasing contracts and presentations to homeowners.

    Among the replies was mine about one of the best ways (there are multiple) to run a search on CFD. I went into a little extra detail, not knowing what the poster’s level of expertise in navigating websites might be. (I’ve occasionally had to ask for help on this website to solve mysteries of navigation.)We are all mostly volunteers here, trying to help as best we can, but sticking to the rule of not trying to tell more than we know.

    After the replies seemed to be all in, Al answered publicly with this:

    “Thanks everyone for the advice.

    at August 11, 2017 at 8:11 pm

    About a half hour later he sent me this private message with an entirely opposite implication:

    “Thanks for being a smart ass it’s greatly appreciate.

    I looked back over my reply and did not see anything arrogant or demeaning in it at all. I can only conclude that either Al hit the sauce hard, or doesn’t care that he just trashed the presumption that all newbies to CFD are entitled to, that being that their requests for assistance are sincere and that whatever help can be provided with the best of intentions will be appreciated in the same spirit.

    There’s also the message that one who posts one thing in public, but totally contradicts it in private, conveys. That message is “I am a total jerk, and should be avoided by sane people at all costs.”

    OK, I’ve taken his message to heart.



    This is absolutely not acceptable. Thanks for letting me know Dee.

    Dee my apologies I felt as if you were trying to be smart.
    I was just asking a simple question about a topic and your comment rub me the wrong way.
    I admit my wrong and fault and I should have handle it differently.

    Al, instead of trying to be “smart”, I was trying to give you the keys to the kingdom, within the limits of whichever membership tier you have, which I cannot know. A freebie guest has access to a great deal. A paid premium member has access to considerably more. Beyond that, there are many members here who have spent thousands of dollars in air travel, hotel bills, instructor tuition, etc to learn specifically what David Tilney teaches uniquely about how to do master leasing with residential properties. AFAIK, he is the only person in the entire country who teaches this, even though there are many who teach those principles for commercial properties, where the technique began.

    Tilney specifically prohibits audio or video recording of his live teaching events to protect some of his unique material. (I know this because he once personally walked over to the table where I was sitting with my note-taking laptop and a spiderweb of cables (for a power supply, an external keyboard, etc), including a dead weight to keep the cables from migrating all over, which he mistook for a covert recorder.)

    I’m confident that the master leasing content in CFD in the premium section has been agreed upon between Jackie Lange and David Tilney. Where the line was drawn between content for premium members versus “live teaching event only” materials, I can’t be sure. CFD is an enormous wealth of material. But however “fuzzy” those lines may seem to be that divide the various levels of access, I respect them without reservation.

    In that spirit, I was giving you the search process to access the maximum level of detail on CFD that your membership level is entitled to.

    And that applies to a hundred other types of questions that may come to you for which you might not have time to wait for replies to come in.

    So in that sense, I was trying to answer vastly more than what you asked, even if it didn’t seem to be tailored to your exact question.

    Your apology is accepted.

    CFD is a warm, wonderful, civil, and longstanding community with a wide mix of newbies, intermediates, and long-experienced members who volunteer their time to maintain and grow it. It doesn’t get any better than that.



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