Problems Getting Rent?

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  • I’ve read that some states have passed laws that tenants do not have to pay rent and you cannot evict them. That’s crazy!

    Are you dealing with that problem??

    This is what a California attorney did to thwart that insanity

    Lawyer’s Swift Action Forces Gov. Newsom’s ‘No Eviction’ Order to be Rescinded

    I believe there was a big vote yesterday and tomorrow in Colorado about something similar. Politicians law of unintended consequences will have a big impact on the future of rentals. It reminds me of that article op ed that stated government will run all rental housing by 2030. At this rate, I can see it! Screening is so important to minimize the chance of evictions–although life happens and we just need to solve the problems as they arise.

    Atlas Shrugged, here we come….

    Hey Greg…

    Scary how much life has changed in the US a few short months.

    I’m so glad I live in Panama!

    Hey Jackie
    Fortunately we have received all of the rent due so far. They are changing the rules very quickly so who knows how it will effect rental properties.
    Great time to master lease!


    HI John, Great to hear from you.

    I’m glad you are getting rents.

    Since you live in a vacation area, do you think the virus will affect short term rentals or the ski season this year?

    Airbnb rentals were banned for months because of co-vid. If this happens again we will see a large shift to long term rentals. Unfortunately there will be no demand and tons of supply! I believe the only reason we are not seeing major problems yet is because of massive gov’t stimulus.
    I’ll try to update as we go through the summer.

    Hi Jackie,

    In Massachusetts tenants don’t have to pay until September if they choose not to and the landlords cannot do anything about it due to the eviction protections at the moment. Really scary stuff!


    HI Manny

    Thanks crazy and very scary for landlords.

    Another good reason to master lease!!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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