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  • I have a home that I own subject 2 in Atlanta, GA, however I haven’t filed the paperwork to complete the transaction w/the legal office here in Georgia yet. And now I have someone that’s interested in purchasing that property using seller financing. What should I do? Can I use the law firm to close both deals on the same day? Do I need to have the home inspected before we can proceed with the transaction?

    I pay $606 per month on the mtge, tax & insurance included, the buyer will purchase the home for $75k w/$7500 down @ 9% on a 30 year note w/a 10 year balloon. Do the #s work on the deal to cover my monthly? I may be calculating it wrong, but the buyer said it comes out to about $700 per month, but when I calculated it it was more like $550 per month.

    Also, with the same home, I have a renter that I would like to do a month to month lease with that would like to move in this Mon, Aug 21 @ $800 a month. Should I allow him to move in & inform the buyer that they have a renter or should I cancel the lease agreement with the renter? All the paperwork hasn’t been signed by the renter yet, just the application.

    His principle and interest comes to $543, but your $606 includes that plus tax and insurance. What is the amount of your principle and interest within that $606? Once you know that, you can see what your spread is.

    One thing to think about is that your loan-to-value is 90% which seems a bit high to me. For the risk you are taking, you could wish for a higher interest rate. Or a higher down payment.

    As for the rental situation, the buyer likely has plans of their own and may want to select their own tenant. Long-term rental is better than month-to-month, in my opinion.

    Those are my thoughts, but there are others on here with much more experience.

    Thanks William. The buyer is an investor so I was thinking they’d be ok w/having a renter in there. But you’re right the LTV is a bit high…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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