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  • Looking for buyers……..having a hard time getting code violations from local officials……what is best way to market on Craigslist? And are there any rehab buyers from cashflow depot in my area looking for houses? I live in Farmville Virginia between Richmond and Lynchburg…….there are two institutions of higher learning here.,…….Longwood University & Hampden Sydney College…….Thanks

    Advertise for buyers on Craigslist.

    Most contractors are also potential buyers. They already have the skills to fix up a house but don’t have the time to find deals.

    Title companies know who is buying fixer uppers. Ask then to give the buyer’s your name, number and email.

    Any hard money lenders in your area? They have a huge buyer’s list and will send out an email blast when you find a deal (they make money on the loan).

    Any “We buy Houses” signs or ads around town? Call them!

    And finally, your best way to find a lot of buyers FAST is to go to the foreclosure auction. These people are cash buyers looking for below market deals. Don’t try to talk to them before or during the auction, but try to collect as many biz cards, name and phone numbers as possible AFTER the auction.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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