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  • In August I’ll be making some changes to

    Tell me what you’d like to see here that we don’t already have.

    Since you asked. LOL

    I love the forum and the seperation of each topic. But, it would be good to see post in a daily order, ie meaning… there is another REI forum
    that has seperation but they have all the post in order so you can keep up with all the discussions. No big deal just suggestions since you ask.

    expanded document library. for example if i wanted to do lease options, here are the documents you will need, etc.

    Links to RE services and photo uploads.

    im on a roll

    if you go to the author of this website has myraid of short videos explaining such topics as calculus, modern history, economics,etc.

    it would be great if cashflow depot developed something along that line but pertaining to real estate investing. short 5-10 min videos showing and explaining how to create and sell a note, design a marketing pieice, etc….

    have a larger archive of conference calls to go back an listen to or at least more access to the most important ones. It might be time to replay your call with John T.Reed (just ordered his book). how about you sharing more about why you picked Panama after checking out alot of other locations. How about now that your an expat maybe sharing about how to keep your money safe from the US Government or anybody else for that matter. Reed seems to thank that if things go really bad that Americans may not be welcome in some countries. What do you think? Just some thoughts. Thanks Jackie for all the great info. your the Best!

    I agree about the phone call archive. It would be nice to have some of the old ones. I know people take them and rip them off and put them on their sites, so this is a bit of a challenge.

    In some of the calls, and especially in some of the videos, there are examples of how a conversation would take place.

    For example, in David Tilney’s video on Master Leasing he talks about the conversation that he has with sellers to create a Master Lease.

    It’s almost role playing except there isn’t someone there to take the role of the seller.

    Jackie, many times you’ve had little blurbs about what you say to sellers, what questions to ask, etc.

    Having a section on “what to say and how and when to say it” would be very helpful for me.


    Agree with that too–it would be very valuable.

    ditto….. role playing and how to negotiate with sellers and buyers would be very helpful as would section on deal structuring.


    Not sure what you mean by RE services… please explain.

    I don’t want to do photo uploads because they could contain a virus.

    I will be adding a lot more forms and contracts in August HOWEVER the forms I have are for Texas. The rules are different in each state so you’ll need to get with an attorney in YOUR STATE to see how they need to be changed.

    I know the high priced seminar gurus sell fill in the blank contracts and forms but those forms can get you in a lot of trouble if used “as is” without the state specific regulations.

    In some states,like Texas, you cannot or should not, do lease options at all. The rules are so screwed up and the fines so big that no one in their right mind should do lease options in Texas. You have to give the deed within 6 months, after 4 months the buyer can say I don’t like the house and you have to give back ALL their money ( no, non-refundable option money) and there is a $250 a DAY fine if your break the rules.

    There is on one-size-fits-all forms, contracts, rules, & regulations and that’s why we have been so reluctant to put out forms and contracts. Most people will be too lazy to get them modified for their state and use them as is. This can you get you in a lot of legal trouble.

    we have all conference calls but they are not kept in the conference call category. After a few months, they are moved to the appropriate category ( wholesale deals goes in wholesale deals, marketing goes in marketing, etc)

    See the NEW Offshore section in the forum where I will answer questions about why I moved to Panama and other topics about offshore investing and asset protection.

    You asked for it, I will do my best to make it happen.


    Thanks for the email this week referencing lesson 3 in your wholesaling course. I listen to that section over and over.

    And thanks for responding to my request – exactly what I was looking for – what to say (and not say), and when.

    Awesome stuff!


    Glad you liked lesson 3.. more to come.

    It’s the “little things” that make all the different in the level of success in your real estate business.

    I’m fairly new to CFD so I’m not exactly sure how the Forum works, but it appears that people have to be proactive to see what has been posted. And my guess is that most people are not proactive.

    I would like a way to have an (optional) email every time someone posts (and responds to a post) on the forum.

    I belong to another investor group in Dallas and I get from 0 to over 20 emails a day. If I’m not interested I simply delete and it only takes a few seconds. But I learn a whole lot from the ones I am interested in and there’s a lot more interaction between investors.

    Thanks for asking for feedback.

    Many times I like to listen again to the conference calls. It would help me to see a date of the conference call. Sometimes I need to marry up my notes when I listen again. Is it possible to add the date in the description of the call? I can also do a better job titling my notes. Thanks!

    yep, i can add the dates.

    remember, after a few months in the Conference Call section, the calls get moved to their appropriate category

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