The Magic of Master Leasing with David Tilney

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David TilneyDavid Tilney is our guest speaker. He talks about the amazing benefits of Master Leasing and Hassle Free Property Management.

With Master Leasing, you:
– Do not need to buy houses
– You are not responsible for repair costs
– Make great cash flow
– Can build Equity too if you have an option
– gets your foot in the door for possible seller financing
– reduce taxes and liability
– the benefits lists goes on and on.

With Hassle Free Property Management, you:
– learn to change your mindset about tenants
– create systems to streamline your business, saving time and money
– weed out potentially bad tenants before they get in to your house
– get rents on time every time
– minimize turn over
– and much more

For more details , see and check out his upcoming seminar September 27-29th in Costa Mesa California

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