Think Bigger… Lesson 7 From A High Volume Wholesaler

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If  You’re Going to Build a Dream, Put an Elevator in It!

I just love that kind of thinking!  And it is so appropriate for a wholesale business.

A lot of people think the only way to do a wholesale business is find junky little houses at 50 cents on the dollar then selling them to investors at 55-60 cents on the dollar.

Yes, that’s your basic wholesale deal and it works great… BUT…a wholesale business can, and should, be a whole lot MORE.   There are so many other profit centers and there is a huge variety of ways to run a wholesale business.

The two key ingredients in a wholesale business are (1) you are selling to an investor and not a retail buyer, ( 2) you are selling below market….from there, the sky is the limit!

Here are some additional strategies you’ll learn in the training materials at

•    Option properties from other investors and offer a property liquidation service ( you never have to
find deals, someone else does, you just handle the selling side)
•    Be a scout or door knocker for other investors
•    hold auction at properties to sell to highest bidder
•    sell seats on a 45 passenger bus to investors – have highest bidder sale at 20 houses in one day
(the last time I did this, I made $67,500 in one day)…. and remember, you don’t have to find the
•    Using private money, offer financing to your buyers to double your profit margin
•    Work with investors or institutions who buy 5 – 10 houses per month
•    Bid at foreclosure auctions for other investors who put up $
•    Handle rehab management to increase profits
•    Handle property management to increase profits
•    Find subject-to or seller financed deals, sell with a wrap to other investors who use as rental
•    Find investors who need to do a 1031 exchange, then sell then some of your houses or find them
other houses ( usually rent ready)
•    Locate builder closeouts, tie up with option, sell to landlords
•    Coordinate construction of new or modular homes
•    Think bigger!  Buy/control houses in large volume to get bigger discounts, sell individually or in
smaller packages to move a lot of inventory quickly
•    The list goes on and on and on……

A wholesale business is all about building relationships with other investors ( some local and some out of town), find out what they are looking for, then you go find it for them.

You are missing so many other ways to make money with a wholesale business if you are only working with the investors who are looking for that run down house they can fix then sell.

One thing is for sure, if you keep doing things the way you’ve always been doing them, you cannot expect to get new results.  If you want new results in your real estate business, it’s time to think bigger, not work harder.    Don’t put a limit the amount of money you make each month.

Lean how to build an elevator in your dreams and THINK BIGGER!

To YOUR Extreme Success!

Jackie Lange

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