Coaching Call – Mobile Home and Land Flipping – september 25th

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  • Our Next Coaching Call is September 25th at 7pm Central. My guest speaker is Jerry Hoagland – see his bio below. He has discovered a unique niche with a big demand and very little competition.

    The call in number is 1-712-770-4160
    Access code 120440#

    Jerry’s BIO:

    I have been a real estate investor for the past 30 – 35 years. I am a licensed real estate broker in the State of TX. I also am a licensed Manufactured Home Retailer in the State of TX. I have an MBA from the University of N TX.

    In addition to these credentials I was a County Commissioner for 30 years in Collin County, TX. As a County Commissioner I was responsible for approving subdivision plats that were presented to the Commissioners Court for approval by land developers. Collin County was always among the top 5 counties in terms of growth in America while I was in office. Many of the plats that were filed while I was in office were for Mobile Home subdivisions of land. I developed an appreciation for Mobile Homes during this time and saw the opportunity for MH investing.

    Prior to my retirement I bought some of Lonnie Scruggs’ books and CDs about Mobile Home (MH) investing. When I ended my political career I started buying and selling MHs full time. Today I have transitioned my business to buying land for MHs. I have found that there is also a big demand for places to put the MHs that people buy.

    I have been buying inexpensive land at tax sales in Texas and through a process which I call land flipping.
    There aren’t many people investing in real estate like I am. There is great opportunity in MH and land for MHs investing in America today.


    Is there a replay of this call?

    Thank you so much!

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