EXCITING NEWS… Bill and Kim Cook

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  • Bill and Kim Cook will be taking over the activity for CashFlowDepot and will be actively participating in the Community Forum.

    They are both actively involved in real estate investing in the United States and they both teach classes every month about real estate investing.

    Bill and Kim are super creative real estate investors! See this video

    Though real estate investing has been my passion for 25+ years, I have not invested in the United State since moving to Panama. So, I’m not as up-to-date on the trends and laws for the US.

    Let’s give a warm welcome to Bill and Kim Cook.

    Bill’s Doorknocking class 3 years ago was eye opening. One of the best classes I’ve ever had.

    Does this mean you are still involved with cashflowdepot or are you retiring again 😀

    Awesome! I saw Bill teach with Vena last year, great stuff!

    I’ll still be involved but since I don’t invest in real estate in the United States anymore, Bill and Kim are better informed to educate you about what to do and not do.

    Dear Jackie, I am truly grateful for your generous sharing of your knowledge, expertise, and the my site membership over the years. I am always at your service. I may get involved in forums and in this business more as time goes by, and make connections,etc.
    If you ever needed any free assistance (research, admin,etc.) and/or volunteer work of any kind, I am always available.

    Welcome, Bill! I look forward to learning from and working with you in some capacity.

    This is great news! Bill and Kim are genuine Millerites carrying the proverbial torch forward. And they walk the talk (and keep the torch lit), active investors in the trenches (in this case a 5-mile radius). Who else makes 1,000 offers a year? Best part, them’s good people. Their hearts may be too damn big for their own good, but that’s how they roll!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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