Get a Discount When You Upgrade to a Lifetime Membership

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  • If you’re currently a monthly member, you will automatically get a 5% discount when you upgrade to a Lifetime Membership

    If you are currently an annual member, you will automatically get a 15% discount when you upgrade to a Lifetime Membership.

    Why upgrade to a Lifetime Membership?

    Because you get more real estate investing training! In fact, you get EVERYTHING… and I do mean everything.. that we have at CashFlowDepot.

    Lifetime Members get all ebooks, all recorded seminars ( even the Intro & Advanced Options seminar), all 300+ Coaching Call replays, You also get the recordings from the last few CashFlowDepot Retreats in Panama. All this for $297 – one time fee. minus your discount if you are currently a monthly or annual member.

    You’ll have instant access to all these real estate investing topics:

    This is the best gift you could ever give to yourself.

    Hi Jackie
    I am traveling and having a difficult time with the lifetime membership upgrade. I am already an annual member, but have been trying to upgrade and take advantage of the deal but keep getting stuck in a loop and only showing the option to get monthly. Do you have a link or something I can use to upgrade. Apparently I am doing something wrong, but I keep trying and am getting nowhere on my own.

    Kevin DeSalle

    Hi Jackie:
    I would like to sign up for the lifetime membership. I am already a annual member and have been charged for my membership for this coming year. Do I have to go to another website or area to transfer and pay the difference for my lifetime membership?
    Gary Campanaro

    You can upgrade to a lifetime membership on this page:

    The cost to upgrade is normally $297 but we are currently offering a 15% discount for annual members which will bring your price down to $252.45. This discount will be automatically applied to your order and will be visible on the final checkout page just before you actually place your order.

    Are there any plans to add any seminar content from recent contemporaries?

    Not seminars but you can find content from recent contemporaries on our coaching calls.

    I just had my annual membership renewed in Nov is there any way to get that fee applied to the lifetime membership?

    Hi Michelle,

    I will investigate this and email you at the address associated with your account.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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