Jack Miller and his infinite wisdom My thanks to Jackie Lange, Bill and Kim Cook

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  • This YouTube video is one that anyone who knew Jack Miller will appreciate! This is a video sent to me by Peter Fortunato today, August 3, 2022. It is a great round up in memory of Jack Miller and is presented by Bill Cook, and many many others. Enjoy,

    YouTube video

    Jack taught classes worldwide on real estate and I have always tended to get excited about real estate, he designated me a slow learner in class, I accepted that and over the years, going to his classes. I myself and hundreds of others. From the Portland Vancouver area met him learn from him and enjoy the time with him!
    My true confession is encapsulated in what he says regarding life in general and options .
    Many people work together to put this together, those who knew him, were always invited to his home where he and his wife, DD, made everybody feel right at home weather was Nevada, or right out on the ocean, Florida. Everyone had a fun time.
    Jack, get various seminars in various places all around the world, and he is certainly somebody that you never forget.
    Dan Butler

    This is awesome! I never got to see Jack live but through his seminars (on this here website) and his books I’ve learned a lot. He has really influenced how I approach real estate investing.

    I’ve read a lot of real estate books and still to this day most writers don’t touch on the topics or go into the details that Jack did. When I read him, something is just different, the quality of the info is just higher level.

    What a wonderful video! Thanks so much for sharing these memories of Jack!

    He would have a lot to say if he were with us these days.

    Thanks so much for sharing. Never had the good fortune to meet Jack, but his legacy carries on through his teaching.

    Oyster or Eagle was the perfect way to end the clip, thanks.

    Fond memories


    I have more than memories of Jack and his family, his son and daughter, Jack was there to help everyone and when I didn’t make it on a cruise one year, somebody that up the words of my mother wasn’t doing good. After he got home, give me a call and his first point was our her affairs in line ?

    Jack had a caring heart and he was there for the benefit of people and the people well knew that and many of the referrals that I gave to his classes could not and would not stop coming.I don’t know about everyone, but I had Jack’s number and I can call him any time I didn’t bother him, but I did quite often send him transaction showing him and telling him what I had done and he told me himself. Sometimes you amaze me 🙂

    After going to his class options, that was a game changer for me.I purchased multiple properties from people who had gone through foreclosure and had attorneys either side, this enabled me to help the sellers get what they could and give me what I needed and I was always person in title on those transactions, or simply put, they sold to somebody else.

    I told him one time I am going to get all I can from you while you’re giving!
    Because you are a treasure and I am pleased to have you in my life.

    Life is so fragile,

    Dan Butler

    If you wonder who is the GOAT (Greatest of All Time), it’s Jack Miller. Jack changed everything. His insight and originality forever changed creative deal structuring.

    Kim and I were fortunate. We’ve had three great real estate investing teachers: Jack Miller, Pete Fortunato, and Dyches Boddiford. Add in John Schaub and David Tilney for good measure.

    We love this video tribute of Jack Miller. He was one of a kind!

    Love y’all,

    Bill Cook

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