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  • So you know, most of Jack’s Common Wealth Newsletters are on CashFlowDepot. Jack wrote a monthly newsletter (Common Wealth News Letters) for more than three decades.

    Want to some insight to what creative deal structuring is all about, and want it in a quick read format? Start reading Jack’s Common Wealth Newsletters.

    To get to Common Wealth, at the top of Depot’s webpage, click on the “Resources” button. Then select “CommonWealth Letters.” Then pour yourself a cup of hot, steaming black (normal) coffee and enjoy, my friends. Enjoy.

    One small problem we found is a few missing newsletters. Bummer.

    Several Millerites have called to let me know they still have all/most of his newsletters in hard copy.

    In the next month or two, between my other responsibilities, I’m going to make a list of Jack’s missing newsletters, and see if one of the Millerites has the hard copy. If so, we’ll get it scanned and added to Depot!

    Love y’all,

    Bill Cook

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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