Options Seminar in Tampa in May

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    Thank you for giving Jackie a break, I’m sure that you and I have darkened the same room. Many times over the years.

    Options are perfect vehicle in the economy, wherein to make money, irrespective of whether the values are going down.

    Again, thank you for giving Jackie a break, and I was one of the original beta testers, who helped her get her website up and going after Jack went kicking and screaming when she offered to him the ability to the webpage.

    Chris Miller Jacks son and I were talking outside of the room, Jackie came up and presented are offering to Chris, immediately asked me, my thoughts are absolutely if your dad will do it, why not let him share and mine is here.

    Options are my vehicle replace and my challenge is to always ask someone whether buying or selling, or lending, where you not using an option?

    To your success with the cash flow depot,

    Dan Butler, Portland, Oregon


    Thanks for helping Jackie get CashFlowDepot started. Y’all must have had a heck of a time getting Jack to agree.

    I’ve had this same conversation with Pete Fortunato many, many, many, many, many times about letting me put his information online. He absolutely refuses, but at the same time says how great it is that Jackie put Jack’s stuff online. Crazy.

    Jackie has built such a beautiful site. Not being a tech guy, we’re just beginning to understand all that’s going on behind the curtains on CashFlowDepot.

    Thanks again, Dan, for helping make CashFlowDepot possible!

    Bill Cook

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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