What Would Jack Miller Do?

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  • Many of us had the amazing opportunity to have Jack Miller as our mentor and friend. Jack was the smartest investor I ever met. Most of what he taught us is evergreen, meaning it applies just as much today as it did many years ago.

    For those who knew Jack, what do you think Jack Miller’s advice would be in these crazy pandemic times?

    Hey Jackie,
    Hope you are doing well. We are getting a few good snow storms in Colorado to open the ski resorts.
    I bet he would advise to buy and sell as fast as you can. Use options and master leasing to stay safe. Cashflow will be king if the music stops.
    Sell any underperforming properties now while the market is hot. Create alliances with people that you can help in tougher times and vice versa if you fall onto bad luck. I believe that Jack would see this market prime with opportunity to anyone that is willing to participate.
    Happy New Year everyone and make your good luck in 2022!

    John, Happy New Year!

    I think you’re right that Jack would advise using options and master leases to stay safe!

    Cashflow is king!

    Happy New Year!! I think that Jack would also use options and master leasing in this market to be safe. I think he would also advise, as somebody also suggested, that now would be a good time to sell your non performing assets and replace them with something that will cashflow by using master leases rather than buying.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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