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  • If there was a seminar in early September would you feel safe traveling on an airplane and being in a room with a lot of other people to go? what if you had to wear a mask on the airplane the whole time and in the seminar the whole time??

    Yesterday I got information about a seminar in early september. Big name speakers. Just wondering if any of you would go to a live event this soon.

    Not me…too early still
    I think

    I recently turned down two such promotions in distant cities — even though the promoter offered to pay for the airline tickets and hotel bills for a 4-day training. I would have happily paid for recordings, or better, transcripts, but neither was offered. In this era when there is such chaos from state to state as to what is open, how hospitals can operate, what businesses must remain closed, the unreliability of Covid-19 test equipment, stories of a 4-hour process before being allowed to board an airline, and the patchwork of states that discourage some treatments for Covid-19 that has proven highly successful in other countries, PLUS the predictions of a second wave of the virus for this coming September, my somewhat cloudy gypsy’s crystal ball suggests that travel under such uncertainties is likely a bad bet.

    Khan Academy (and many others) has for a long time proved that online learning is practical and effective. With so many public schools being shut down and the extreme interest in home schooling as a replacement, the perception of avoiding out-in-public events as much as possible is very widespread.

    I think that instead, educators (whether in real estate or anything else) would be wise to make recordings, transcripts and/or online learning available for the “foreseeable” future.



    Virtual zoom Skype LIVE. so it can be interactive Yes


    Agree with all of the above, too risky and too soon many other alternatives to hosting events and education though streaming platforms like zoom etc.
    I think anyone in the education space with an audience built in would not have an issue filling the room via online. Also it’s probably more cost effective solution.

    Hi everyone I’m new to the group and found the community through David Tilneys master lease course.
    Thankful to be apart of this

    Mike Ngo from Cali


    I would be more likely to attend an event in the Southeast or Texas areas where I could drive. Not thrilled about flying. September would be better than later in the year or winter once the “flu” season hits again in case there is a 2nd Covid season.


    I would be interested in going.

    I think September is too soon to plan a seminar too. Just wanted to get your feedback.

    Bill Cook and Peter Fortunato are hosting a seminar September 19th & 20th, 2020 in Atlanta. For more details Call Kim Cook at 770 815-8728 or email [email protected]

    Atlanta is a 3-hour drive for me and I would be interested!

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