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  • Direct mail is great what is your target market?

    Execute the documents and have them held in escrow

    Hi Bill Kim
    I think we are in good hands. Good luck

    I am not sure how he passed. Just saw it addressed on a carrot announcement.

    Welcome Jake

    Heal up Jackie.

    Please elaborate some more on your question.

    Talk to a local new home mobile home dealer and cut a package deal on price. If you sell the home to end users on terms should be easy to move.

    This is a tough one. I am stumped

    I would tie it up and wholesale also.

    I would at least talk to the tenants and see what their feeling is.

    Wholesale it and give him his 25K

    Hard money loan should do it and then just list and sell retail.


    Could do a straight option to buy any time in the next 10 years for 35K with the $6,500 as option consideration

    ACH direct deposit into your account.

    Find them there dream home. Tell the dream home seller to give the couple the house. You will give him a note and mortgage with payments on couples home.

    Nice thought Jackie


    I would go back to the courthouse and see if the clerk remembers who the lady was. My guess is that the clerk will.

    Not very creative but I would sell to a local fix and flipper investor for 65K and move on. In my market it is 70% of ARV minus costs of repair and holding costs.

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 864 total)

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