REPLAY: Impact of COVID-19 Conference Call

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On Tuesday, March 24th we were joined by legendary investors David Tilney and Bill Cook to discuss the potential impact of the Covid-19 virus on real estate markets.  Long time investor Leon Johnson also joined the call to add his words of wisdom – despite that he just had open heart surgery last Friday.

During epic events like this virus, we need to get advice from seasoned investors like these who have been through economic down turns before to help guide you to a safe landing when the pandemic is over.

Just this week 3.3 million people have filed for unemployment because they lost their jobs because of the Covid-19 virus.  There will be millions more who file for unemployment and who cannot pay rent or mortgage payments.

During the call, we discussed:
*  Important things you need to do now with tenants who may not be able to pay rent
*  What to do if you think you will not be able to pay your mortgage
* Why you should try to get some real estate free and clear as fast as possible
* What could happen to real estate prices and to rents
* Which strategies to use to avoid risks in these uncertain times
* Will banks have a mountain of defaults
* Where the opportunities will be after the pandemic is over
* and much more

Join the discussion about the impact of the Covid-19 Virus in our Community Forum  COMMUNITY FORUM HERE

Click on the link below to listen to the replay (Thank you to everyone who sent in their copy of the call!)

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2 Comments on “REPLAY: Impact of COVID-19 Conference Call”

  1. Nothing on replay, no sound at all

    1. I am listening to the replay now. Sound is working. You may need to unmute your sound or turn up the volume.

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