Coaching Call: How to Sell Any House in 10 Days or Less

Topics: Highest Bidder Sales

Listen to the replay of the conference call about how Jim sold a house in less than 10 days using a Highest Bidder Sale method.  The house was listed with a real estate agent for 6 months with no offers.  But the Highest Bidder Sale got it sold fast and for much more!

A Highest Bidder Sale can also be used for houses you control with an option. Learn more about Options HERE

We have a lot of training at CashFlowDepot about how to sell a house using a Highest Bidder Sale.  You don’t need to own the house to sell it with a Highest Bidder Sale, you can simply control the property with an Option.  And there is training about how to control a property with an option then sell it using a Highest Bidder Sale.  Learn more about a CashFlowDepot Membership HERE

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