Leon Johnson Talks about Creative Financing

Topics: Buying & Selling

Check out this video interview with Leon Johnson about how to get started with creative financing and finding motivated sellers.  Learn why sometimes it’s better to buy with really good TERMS than a really good PRICE!

This video is full of great advice which will help you find and structure profitable real estate transactions.

Leon has been investing in real estate since 1978 and has a wealth of experience in buying and selling real estate. During a changing real estate market like we have now, it is best to get your advice from investors like Leon who have a LOT of experience and who have weathered economic down turns before.

This video was recorded in December 2019 and covers a lot of territory about buying real estate with creative financing:

YouTube video

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2 Comments on “Leon Johnson Talks about Creative Financing”

  1. Can’t see the link to the video ?

    1. We aren’t sure why you can’t see it. It may be something in your browser that is blocking it. It’s simply an embedded YouTube video. Here is the direct link: https://youtu.be/CaNmwMy7J0I

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