Commonwealth Letters Vol. 1 No. 3


November 1978 DATE LINE LAS VEGAS! A turnaround crowd of over 110 enthusiastic investors from fourteen states, Virginia to California, representing over 27 million dollars in SFH assets, descended upon the Sahara Hotel for the first MILLER/SCHAUB Graduate Seminar. Joanne Reese and Dan Redmon led a rowdy Los Angeles area contingent, who kept Jack and John or their toes by booing, and cheering at the appropriate times. Joanne was awarded the second annual “Coveted White Belt Award” given each year to the student who shows the most perspicacity while implementing what they have learned. The highlight of the two days was the introduction of two hot-off-the-press MILLER/SCHAUB books. The blue book titled, “Advanced Option Techniques and Investment Survival Strategies,” along with the red book “How to Buy, Hold and Pyramid Houses for Investment” are in limited production and will be distributed to those attending the graduate seminars. Due to the dozens of last minute registrations, we had a problem finding enough seats and materials, so please register today for either the Graduate Class at Washington, D.C. (November 13 and 14) or Tampa, Fla. (November 16 and 17) to insure yourself a seat. These are the last graduate classes to be held this year and there will be only two (dates to be announced) in 1979.

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Intro Commonwealth Letter


Why do only five percent of the people in the richest country in the world ever obtain financial freedom?... How do the people making all of the money avoid paying taxes? How can you enjoy the benefits of owning investment property and avoid the hassles of management? … How do you find wholesale buys in runaway markets? … How can you predict a downturn in the economy?... what will happen to investments and investors when we have another depression? In the event that the answer to any or all of the above questions have eluded you, please read on… The only thing you can lose is five minutes and the potential winnings are unlimited.

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