Understanding Where O.P.M. Is, And Who’s Got It

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OPM — Other People’s Money — is the magical ingredient that builds fortunes out of dreams!  The mistake most people make is to equate OPM with Debt.  That represents a failure of the imagination.  OPM can take on many forms.  It can be EQUITY in the deal.  It can be an Option.  It can be a Management Contract.  It can be Partnership Interests or Stock.  It can be Inventory or personal property, or even toys.

At times such as we are now experiencing, it’s easy to focus on the losses so many people have sustained without taking stock of the overall financial health of all the others who have not made the papers.  Oh, we hear of them, indirectly.  They are the people who took their money out of the stock market and out of housing at the top, and who still have $Trillions sitting on the sidelines.

You’d think people who control this much wealth would be smiling today, but they are not.  They are worried that what they rescued from the stock and house markets will be lost when their bank, mutual fund, or insurance company files bankruptcy.  They have seen all the falling financial dominoes toppled over by corporate and individual fraud measured in the billions of dollars.  They have seen retirement plans wiped out in today’s market crashes.

They are looking for assets to invest in that will be easy to understand; that are safe; that will store the value of their wealth in good times or bad; that don’t depend upon the bland assurances of salespeople, that they can readily understand, and that will put their dollars to work earning a decent return.

These are not private lenders or hard money lenders.  They are not professional lenders.  It could be your Mom or Dad, your Uncle or Aunt, or your next door neighbor.  Or your friends or co-workers who are worried that the money that have sitting in the bank is not earning enough to keep up with inflation.  They are open to learning about safe ways they can invest their money to protect it.

The single family house that can be bought at deep discount via foreclosure and Short Sales is a double-edge hedge against both the current deflated market with its low interest rates, and any future inflated market that will wipe out stocks and bonds, but create fortunes in appreciation of tangible assets such as houses; while they continue to produce income that can be increased to match inflation.

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