Audio: Real Estate Investing Is Alive And Well

Topics: Buying & Selling, Deal Stories, Financing, Investor Success, Negotiating, Options

Peter Fortunato was my guest speaker for the Tuesday night conference call.  I have to say, it was one of the best calls we have had!

Peter discussed:

•  Why real estate investing is very alive and well – despite hedge funds

•  What to say to get motivated sellers leads from people you don’t even know

•  How to get sellers to agree to seller finance with great terms

•  How you can pay retail and still get great cash flow

•  Why you can make better deals with caring than you can with dollars

•  and much more


(Available for a limited time only)

Legendary real estate investor Warren Harding said, “Every opportunity is born with an uncomfortable circumstances”

Uncomfortable circumstances like death, old age, health problems, divorce, job loss, money problems, house repairs, etc etc…. are just a part of life

So long as there are uncomfortable circumstances, there will always be real estate opportunity!  Proof that real estate investing is ALIVE and well!

Enjoy the replay!


P.S.  You can learn more strategies from Peter Fortunato at his Real Estate Acquisition seminar in Tampa Florida June 15-16thCLICK HERE for DETAILS or go to


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