Coaching Call Replay: Master Leasing and Hassle-Free Property Management

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During this Coaching Call, David Tilney discusses the many benefits of master leasing without the liability (and expense) of owning real estate.  The secret sauce that makes master leasing work so well are having efficient management systems in place.

You can learn about both Master Leasing and Hassle-Free Property Management at David Tilney’s seminar in Costa Mesa California September 21, 22 and 23rd.
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3 Comments on “Coaching Call Replay: Master Leasing and Hassle-Free Property Management”

  1. The all tonight was great too! I love this opportunity! Would you say most of these owners that take interest in master leasing are owners of homes that are free and clear or low in equity?

  2. Nikia, no most master leasing opportunities are not all free and clear houses but some are. Some have a lot of equity and some have no equity. With master leasing, you’re going to the cash flow spread primarily.

    1. Okay, thanks so much Jackie.

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