Bill Cook and Peter Fortunato WHAT BOX? Seminar

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  • The What Box? Seminar is getting closer and closer!

    Pete Fortunato and Bill Cook teach their amazing 2-day What Box? Deal-Structuring Seminar at the Atlanta Airport Marriott on September 14th & 15th, 2019.

    A lot of amazing, successful, knowledgeable investors have registered to attend the What Box? 2-day Deal Structuring Seminar in Atlanta

    You are coming, right?
    Then REGISTER NOW! and get ready for another informative, mind-bending weekend with Bill Cook, Pete Fortunato and 200 of your closest, successful real estate friends.

    **** Our What Box? group rate at the Atlanta Airport Marriott is a killer deal at $103/night, but is filling up quickly. So hurry and make your hotel arrangements!

    You remember Pete’s Golden Rule….Do unto others as they would want to be done unto? Well, don’t assume you know what others would want – ask. Just simply ask.

    At the What Box? Seminar, Bill will discuss one of the deals he just completed:

    Door Knocked – Owner Financed – Over Paid – Rental – Second-Bite-of-the-Apple Deal

    While door knocking, Bill found a 4-bedroom, 2-bath brick home. It was tenant occupied. The tenant was kind enough to give him the landlord’s number.

    Upon meeting face-to-face with the owner, Bill learned the owner’s uncomfortable circumstance: a) He recently moved an hour from this rental home; b) He hated tenants; c) He paid $105,000 cash for the property in 2005.

    The seller wanted out quickly and wanted $85,000 to walk. Unfortunately, the 4/2 brick home’s fair market value was only $70,000. But since price doesn’t matter as long as you get terms, Bill agreed to pay the seller his $85,000 asking price ($15,000 more than the property’s value).

    In return for Bill giving him price, the seller gave Bill terms: $2,000 down, and an owner-financed note of $83,000, 4.43% interest with 360 payments of $417.

    When Bill and Kim purchased the home in 2012, the rental house had a net cash flow of $143/month. In 2019, the property’s net cash flow has increased to $273/month, and the home’s fair market value has risen to a whopping $145,000!

    This deal just went from good to great. The seller recently agreed to a second-bite-of-the-apple deal. Bill told the seller he’d gladly keep paying $417 per month, but because of another deal Bill and Kim just did, they had $45,000 cash on hand. They’d gladly give the seller the $45,000 cash in exchange for the note.

    The seller agreed to take the $45,000 cash payment instead of receiving $417 each month. The current mortgage balance on this owner-financed note is over $74,000. This equates to a $29,000 savings, making this property’s net purchase price only $56,000!

    Bill simply asked the seller if he’d prefer a cash payoff rather than continue receiving payments. At the What Box? Seminar, you will learn what has happened in this seller’s life to cause him to need the cash payoff, rather than continue receiving monthly cashflow.

    You will also learn why Bill talked the seller out of accepting the short payoff on the note. Yep.

    Sometimes it’s not about the money, it’s about helping the person you’re dealing with.

    It’s wild and crazy deals like this that you will hear at Bill and Pete’s What Box? Seminar.

    Why attend the What Box? Seminar with Bill & Pete? Want to learn how to find and construct owner-financed deals? Want to learn how to do second-bite-of-the-apple deals? Want to learn how to make teeter-totter offers? Want to find out how to use a T-bar? Then this is your gotta-be-there event! There’s no other course like this out there, and it’s taught by two investors who have nearly 80 years of combined deal-structuring experience.

    What Box? The Seminar helps you see the different ways you can creatively construct a deal without using institutional financing. What Box? helps you realize that, when it comes to real estate investing, there is no box. Everything is Possible!

    What Box? The Seminar with Pete Fortunato and Bill Cook is a gotta-be-there event in Atlanta on September 14th & 15th 2019 at the Atlanta Airport Marriott. Bill & Pete’s What Box? Manual is filled with one interesting deal after another – showing how they found the opportunity, structured it, and put the paperwork in place to secure it.

    Join us for an incredible weekend with two of the most experienced investors in the country – Bill Cook & Pete Fortunato.

    Don’t delay……this class is filling up! Come join your friends for a fun weekend with Bill & Pete!


    Hope to see you there. Call Kim Cook at 770 815-8728 for more details register online or simply email the registration form to

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