Charging a flat fee for HBS

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  • Hello,

    If you want to charge a flat fee on the HBS model, how would you go about doing this in escrow? Would you just assign your contract to the new end buyer or do you just send an invoice to escrow and say the contract you initially had with the seller is void once marketing fee is paid?

    You can do a RELEASE OF AGREEMENT with the seller, and charge a fee for it, payable at closing. Then you get the seller to sign it, and send it to the closing/title company.

    Great! Thanks so much Ayesha! Are you still doing HBS’s in your area?

    I have a few prospects that may eventually decide on it. My approach is somewhat different than most investors. I tag properties, approach Sellers directly, not through mail, and then keep them on the radar for a few years, building a relationship of trust. I make a spreadsheet and keep visiting the houses too, to check if they are still in the state they are in, check on their tax payment history, city liens, etc. Basically, I do not give up on houses I initially zeroed in on.

    Christmas time being around the corner, and the looming property tax bills, many semi-motivated people will be soon jumping on the “motivated” wagon, especially owners of the vacant houses.

    Secondly, I am shifting my focus on Master Leases for Airbnb too since I have been running an Airbnb space for a year now, and have learned a lot from it. I am shifting to the shared economy principal……it is all about control of assets and devising ways of earning off of other people’s assets and labour.. So, I am training Airbnb housekeeping personnel for prospective Airbnb investors as a service add.

    Sounds great! Follow up is certainly key in this business! I plan to take the master lease program next year with Mr. Tinley.
    I want to learn as much as I can in that model as well. I hope my first HBS goes smooth. I am currently marketing for it and have hopes for good success.

    Much success to you Ayesha!


    There are lot of ways you can handle getting paid when you charge a flat fee. I usually have the sellers can sign a RELEASE OF CONTRACT AGREEMENT which states that you will be paid $x to release your contract so the sellers can go to contract with the new buyers.

    Or, You can do a simultaneous close.

    In some situations, when working with investors only, I will do an assignment of my contract. I would not do this with an owner occupant buyer especially if they are getting financing. I really prefer not to do assignments unless the fee is small (under $5k)

    Thank you Jackie. I appreciate your feedback and response.

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