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    The First Official Conference Call will be:

    Tuesday, September 4th

    9:00PM Eastern time
    8:00PM Central time
    6:00PM Pacific time

    Call 218-936-1600

    Access Code 42741

    Jack Miller will talk more about how to deal with the Subprime Meltdown. And he will be answering questions submitted my members ( all names will be kept confidential of course)

    If you have not yet submitted a question, please go to the MEMBER ZONE and click on ASK JACK. Your Questions will be sent to Jack. Of course, he can’t possibly answer all the questions that come in, so he will select the questions which he thinks will be most instructional for all Members.

    Join us!

    Jackie, The call schedule is 9:00PM EST. Should it be 9:00PM EDT?



    The next “MEMBER’S ONLY”conference call is scheduled for Tuesday, September 25th at 7 pm central time. We’ll be discussing how to Create NEW Profit Centers.

    Conference Call – September 25th
    Call Starts – 7 pm Central
    Call in Number 218-948-1600
    Access Code – 605053

    Mark your calendars now for a conference call every Tuesday through October 15th.

    Will the call be archived, so we can listen to it at a later date?


    We will attempt to record the call but there’s no guarantee that it will work. There could be technicial difficulties beyond our control.


    Call in Number 218-948-1600
    Access Code – 605053
    The call starts at 7 pm central time

    Super Tuesday, September 25th – Learn how to make a fortune on houses you don’t even own and don’t want to buy – especially very expensive LUXURY properties. Get the inside scoop on a super easy technique to sell ANY house in 7 days or less and make $5,000 –
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    Super Tuesday October 2nd – Learn a whole new way to turn mobile
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    Super Tuesday, October 9th – The absolutely best way to get private lenders fighting to pay for every property you buy. This little system is so simple you’ll be wondering why you didn’t think
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    you millions in one day.

    Super Tuesday October 16th – Learn how to never make a payment on a vacant house again. This one strategy could save you thousands of dollars. Plus you’ll learn how you can turn the sub-prime meltdown in to a windfall profit for you in THREE specific ways.

    Most guru types would charge a fortune to get this information. is dedicated to providing the most reliable real estate information at an affordable price. The Super Tuesday tele-seminars are available FREE to members.

    Will these calls be recorded and available in the Learning Annex?

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