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  • I have just been making return phone calls on all potential deals that came my way as a follow up. Getting to be way to many to manage affeciently. I have heard talk of CRM programs that help manage such tasks. Will they make make follow up e mails if set up properly? Will they assist with follow up phone calls? Any help in this area is appreciated. Once again ignorant old fashion me have no idea on this technology.

    Hi Don,

    I feel your pain, it is hard to keep track of things using spreadsheets, etc. I have heard good things about Podio but I have not had the chance to look at it or use it. YouTube has tutorials geared to real estate investor on Podio so maybe we should take a look or any feedback from from anybody else here would be great.


    Grady from carrot just got back to me. Said almost all crm programs well do the e mails. Does not know of any that do recorded message but some will send text messages which would work great.

    I guess I just need now to dig into program I have now called get response and try to learn how it all works.

    HI Don

    An automated system to deliver a recorded call is one way to handle this but the personal touch is always better. Sounds like it is time to hire a VA to enter the call in details in to your contact management system then they can make LIVE calls for you.

    I suggest that you watch and listen to Ben Soucheck’s Virtual Real Estate Investing course in the Premium Training. He gets a LOT of leads and uses a VA to manage everything for him. He describes how it works and what he uses in his training which was recorded at the 2016 Panama Retreat.

    Thanks Jackie
    I will take a listen.

    Yes you are correct. A phone call is always best. Some of these contacts have been phoned 3 times. E mail and the text are in addition to phone calls. Sprinkled in to brake up the pattern of calls.

    Hi Don,

    As Jackie mentioned, I have a VA that handles all of that for me.

    I have recently switched from Salesforce to InvestorFuse (uses Podio as their platform). I am still learning the system (after several months) but it seems to be a good system. Has a number of automation features including auto emails, texts, as well as Sly Broadcast (voicemail broadcast) which I am still in the process of getting completely set up.

    My VA also does follow up calls, which I think are important vs. automation.

    Be happy to answer any questions I can.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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