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  • I have been attending equity marketing sessions for about 10 years. More and more of my business every year is being generated from the meetings. I soon realized how powerful formulas used by exchangors (like Jack and Pete) can really snow ball cash flows and wealth. However, it’s a very specialized niche. I wouldn’t expect 1 out of 100 investors even know about equity marketing and exchanging. Even less attend the marketing meetings. It’s not a secret. I wish I had gotten involved 20 years ago. How should we advertise the benefits of these meetings? Are there others out there with similar experience?

    Inquiring minds want to know?

    Equity marketing is basically exchanging the equity you have in one property to acquire equity in a different property. If done properly, it is a tax free event. There are more details in this article



    I became aware of Equity Marketing in 2001 when I met Magi Bird from Reno.
    She was an officer in one of the large exchange groups. One of the nicest, smartest real estate people I’ve met.

    I’ve done a few exchanges without coming out of pocket with cash. One time I traded the equity in 3 single-family houses in Las Vegas for the down payment on a mobile home park. The seller carried the balance.

    After a year, my cash flow was a MULTIPLE of what the houses were generating.

    Once you exchange, it’s hard to go back!

    Michael Weiss

    “Equity Marketing” is the art of improving a client’s personal situation by exchanging current property ownership benefits for an improved set of benefits, as defined by them, to be realized from the process. -https://irex.ncexchangors.com/equity-marketing/

    Equity marketing process as a tool that allows real estate licensees to look beyond “all cash” as the only means to consummate a transaction.-https://www.ncexchangors.com/

    Founded in 1961, The Society has been the real estate industry’s leader in the field of Equity Marketing and creative real estate for over 50 years. Our operating philosophy is based upon the premise that “Real Estate is a People Business.”- https://www.secounselors.com/

    “Advertising the benefits and obligations that your equity provides, with the motivation to exchange those benefits and obligations for a more suitable equity for your personal situation is Equity Marketing” -Me

    I want to increase the benefits I am receiving from equity that’s in a vacant lot. I have no buyers at my price. I offer that equity(held by my lot) and cash to buy another property. The seller accepts to get mostly cash. I “sold” my lot for full price.

    This is one of hundreds of formulas that exchangors could use.

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