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  • Hello All,

    New to this, want to focus on HBS, Master Leasing, and lease option to sell, where I can collect on D.P, collect on rent, and then collect when selling in say 5 yrs. Live in Cinci, Ohio / NKY market.

    I know how to do lead generation on Facebook. Is it wise to try to target and create leads on these goals by listing some of the people I can provide solutions for? Example of HBS = Sell Fast, sell in two weeks or 7 days etc?

    ..Being new, is this a good strategy to start with? Thanks Everyone! After looking at many guru options, this is by far the best value of education out there! Thanks Jackie!

    The best strategy to get going is anything i don’t know what hsb is.

    Thanks Erik. Highest Bidder Sale

    I think that is a great start. I would run several campaigns and see what works best. Test, test, test.

    Maybe one. “Get top dollar for your home”

    “Pay no commission when you sell your home”

    Thanks Don, good idea!

    Listen to the last Coaching Call we did — Rob talks about facebook advertising for pennies! Lots of other information about facebook advertising in our Premium Training section.

    this is the link to the last Coaching call

    How to Buy 40-60 Houses Per Year Without Leaving Your House

    Thanks Jackie

    Would anyone be interested in me arranging a facebook advertising expert to do a Coaching Call in August?

    If you listened to the Coaching Call with Rob, Facebook is the #1 source of his leads for sellers and buyers. And he’s doing 40-60 houses a year. I can get Rob on the call again and a few others who are using Facebook to generate almost all their leads — for pennies on the dollar!

    With Facebook ads, you need a good lead capture system which could be on your website or directly in to a contact management software.

    I use Facebook advertising a LOT!

    Who wants to learn more about Facebook advertising??

    1000% YES PLEASE.

    Thanks Jackie!

    Yes to FB advertising!

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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