Finding Deals… the Old Way

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  • In Panama, there are no addresses so you cannot do direct mail campaigns.
    Most people only use the internet on their phone so internet marketing is not effective.
    And… remember that everything would need to be in Spanish in Panama too

    But there’s a BETTER way and it is the way that I think YOU could find a lot more deals with absolutely no competition.

    I use “scouts” or property locators to find really motivated sellers for me. These are often taxi drivers or people who file things at the government offices.

    Today, I got news of two properties via WHATSAPP ( the primary means of communication in Panama).
    One is 2.7 hectars (1 hectar is 2.5 acres) for $35,000 on the Pacific Ocean. The views are absolutely amazing.
    And another scout sent me photos of another ocean front property but I don’t have the price yet. It will probably be a similar price.

    You should try recruiting local taxi drivers, UBER drivers, UPS delivers, FEDEX delivery people, the mail delivery people, etc. These people are in the neighborhoods and see tall grass, vacant looking houses, etc.

    Are you engaging these people in conversation when you come into contact with them and then giving them a card? Curious what your recruiting technique down there is. I realize it might have to work slightly differently up here.

    I guess…always be prospecting. No matter directly for motivated sellers or indirectly for bird dogs.

    Hey Bill,
    Yes, I just talk to them initially then follow up with whatsapp (the normal way to communicate in Panama). I tell them what I’m looking for and that the property cannot be listed with a real estate agent and offer a $1000 referral fee but tell them if it is a really good deal, I will pay them $2000. This motivates them to hustle. I got 2 more leads today and it did not cost me a penny. They sent photos on whatsapp, the property description the seller’s situation (important), and the price they are asking.

    with zero marketing expense, I get a steady flow of leads… really good leads.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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