Fullerton Formula – $100 a month for 5 years – You can do this!!

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  • After the Coaching Call tonight, I got an email from Jack Fullerton (aka Coach) – a very successful investor in California who was listening in on the call.
    he said:

    Don’t forget what I used that John Schaub named the “Fullerton Formula”. Improve your cash flow $100 per month for 5 years which will be $72,000 per year. Once you start you will be surprised how fast you can succeed.

    Because we followed these things you are taking about and Mary and I sacrificed for 5 years in the beginning years ago I am skiing with my son my grandkids in Aspen/Snowmass today.

    Jackie this has been a great call today.
    Coach Jack Fullerton


    Jack Miller set a goal that he would leave the house in the morning to look for real estate opportunities. He’s find a motivated seller, get a contract on the house, then sell his contract for $1,000. He told himself that he could not go home until me made at least $1,000 that day.


    What’s your goal or objective?

    My suggestion is to focus on generating cash cash cash at first so you can pay off any credit card debt. Then focus on cash cash cash to create a one year emergency fund.

    Once your cash needs are met, then focus on cash flow cash flow cash flow – using master lease or buying subject to the mortgage then renting out the house. You can also generate cash flow with wrap-around mortgages on single family houses or mobile home deals.

    Cash flow is where you find financial independence and security!

    Make a plan, write it down, then stick to it. If you need help, we will be right here for you!

    Run the numbers — what if you added just $200 a month in cash flow every month for 5 years? What would your monthly cash flow be at the end of 5 years?

    You can do $200 a month with 1 master lease per month. You can do $200 a month with 1 mobile home deal per month.

    Expect to win, plan to win, act to win!

    Which coaching call where you referring to. I would like to hear that call?

    Great ideas Jackie! When you boil it down to the essence, it doesn’t have to be that complicated!

    William, you’re right, it is not complicated. But you won’t reach your goals overnight so we all have to set goals, create a plan, and stick to the plan to achieve success.

    Which recording was Jack Fullerton referring to?

    I sent an email to Jack Fullerton to see if he’s available to do a Coaching Call about his “formula” after Thanksgiving. I will let everyone know when I hear back from him.

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