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  • I was wondering if any knows of a Hard Money Lender. I would like any referrals anyone may have.

    where are you located?

    The property will be in New York City

    Please tell us about the property, time you’ll need the $$, how much $$ is needed, purchase price, how you plan on paying off the lender, etc.

    Of course, without the address 🙂

    Mike Weiss

    What is your phone number, I’ll give you a call.


    I dont want to post a phone number online.
    please email me at: mweiss1031@gmail.com
    for a private conversation.


    It is MUCH better to buy this property without borrowing money from a hard money lender. They charge high fees and points too. Borrowing money puts you are risks.

    There are much better ways to buy the property or make money with a property.

    Post details about the property (minus the address) and I (and others) will give you creative ways to buy the property without getting a loan or how to make a profit without even buying at all.

    You could also just get an OPTION on the property then sell it before you buy or do any repairs! That is risk free. And you’ll often make as much or more than the rehabber would.


    Wow, 2 great teaching posts.
    (This and Rehabbing Sellers’ posts)

    Thanks for the advice.

    Hard money IS expensive and not always the best tool for the job.
    Hard money borrowers need to know all the costs, expectations, timelines and key events that must happen to make it work.
    That’s a lot of moving parts.

    The use of options is MANY times the way to go.

    Sometimes I forget about the obvious.

    Thanks again,


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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