HBS in tidewater area of Virginia

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  • Is there anyone doing any HBS in the Tidewater area of Va. Va.Beach,Norfolk,
    Portsmouth, Newport News, etc? Would like to help with one to get some experience
    on how to do them.

    John Pepe

    My daughter and I are hoping to do one in Virginia Beach in the near future but if it happens it will be our first. We were hoping to sit in on a few ourselves beforehand. But if we put one together I’ll let you know. Janet


    Don’t wait to sit in on one before you pull the trigger. Just Do It!

    LOL! We’re not–been checking into the house down the street that I was telling you about and we’re making our prep (following your steps) so we’ll be ready if he agrees. And if that one isn’t a go I have others I’m looking at.

    GREAT! Let me know if I need to talk to him. Since you were at the seminar in Panama I’ll be glad to talk to the seller for you to tie that one up!

    Thanks so much, Jackie. I’ve been trying to find his name and contact information online but haven’t had any luck so I’m heading down to the courthouse in the morning. Is there an easier way to obtain such information on home owners? I thought there would be a web site. I did find out other information about the house such as price reduction, etc. He has now dropped the price to 1,295,000–$200,000 below appraisal. It’s been listed for 461 days! And with only one open house on it that I’m aware of. Poor marketing if you ask me!

    look up the owner on the tax records then send a letter asking him to call you about his/her house asap

    hopefully they will call you

    there are services like RealQuest which give owner details but there’s a monthly charge


    Tried the door but they’ve been gone for a while. I’ll check the tax records.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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