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  • Hi Jackie,

    I have listened to the HBS with a twist audio interview of Melissa. She is Jackie Jr for sure – very informative and inspiring. I have a list of houses that I am sending ha handwritten letters to. Wondering what phone number she recommends for these type of letters? Number that goes straight to VM or direct to cell? Thanks.


    Hi Kimberly

    Melissa, my daughter, used her cell phone so all calls could come directly to her.

    You could get a local answering service to answer all calls 24/7 then take a message which will be sent to you.
    Or you could get a free google voice phone number to use in your marketing.

    I always used my own number because I wanted to talk to a motivated seller right away and not force them to leave a message or deal with an answering service. No one can answer the calls as good as YOU can.

    Thank you Jackie.

    Hi Jackie,

    My plan is to send hand written letters to owners of
    Driving for Dollars houses. I just read your post about mailing “Sell your house in 7 days” postcards. What os your advice on copy for handwritten letters? I planned on the message Melissa mentioned on the podcast but I wonder if using the postcard copy would be better.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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