Highest bidder Sale on high end properties

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  • I was wondering if any one has suggestions on a good approach on marketing to get clients with high end properties for a Highest Bidder Sale? Or which resources on Cashflow Depot are good to listen or/and to read.?

    HI Michelle

    Any of the information for Highest Bidder Sales would apply to high end properties too. The best way to find the deals is networking (not direct marketing). When you do one high end deal, it leads to another because of referrals, then another.

    I used a different website for high end properties than my sellyourhousein7days website. Fancier. I got a lot of leads from my website too.

    High end sellers are usually more concerned with getting the house out of their life so they can move on than they are with getting maximum price.

    Buyers for high end properties are completely different than other buyers too. Mostly cash buyers.

    I have access to the my local MLS. I can see all the expired listings. And I can get names to the high end properties would you those? Also how would you approach these people?

    Hi Michelle

    Unfortunately, expired listings rarely turn up an opportunity with luxury houses ( or others). They usually did not sell because they were priced too high so they would be less likely to give you an option at a below the REAL market price. The real opportunities happen because:

    death in the family
    moving to another location

    Like all highest bidder sales, the seller needs to be extremely motivated for you to be able to get the option price where it needs to be for you to make a profit.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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