Housing Hardship Index: Coronavirus crushes some state economies, spares others

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    I see severe problems with that article. It relies on jimmied federal statistics which have been untrustworthy for decades. It says that inflation today is not an issue. Official BLS inflation rates have been artificially depressed for deceitful purposes such as keeping inflation-indexed federal payouts well under what they should be — such as Social Security. To see actual inflation effects, look over this website and its city by city data collection of what real people have to pay for real goods and services:


    Anyone considering doing a seller financing deal needs to understand how much more rapidly the dollar is losing value than what the official numbers proclaim.

    Federal unemployment numbers are not going to include the lone entrepreneur or the longterm unemployed who have fallen off the rolls for unemployment checks. Whether those numbers will address the “temporarily” lockdowned employees who worked for businesses that may never recover is unknown — but unlikely.



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