I skipped the HBS

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  • I was planning to conduct the HBS for that house in Merced of which I have an option for 125K. I started to advertise and got a few calls. Then the owner stated he didn’t want to do the HBS because it may take too long. He needs his money and told me if I get a cash offer then just take it. So an investor called me and offered 165K. He wanted to meet at the property right then and there. We met and he said he’ll take it and wanted to go to the title company. So we did. He wrote a check for 2k as we opened escrow. He showed us proof of funds in an account that has 1.8 million. He told me and the escrow ladies he wanted to close by this Friday if possible. Today the title company called me and said everything looks good and they are endeavoring to close by Friday if not, early next week. The only one subject of question is “a death affidavit”. How does the death of someone that died in the house affect escrow? Should I be worried? If all goes well, I’m looking at a real nice spread.

    The death affidavit is asking if anyone has died in the house. It’s a california thing. It should not affect the sale at all.



    Did you know you should have the proceeds WIRED in to your bank account. Then they will be available immediately. If you get a check, they will put a 10 day hold on it.

    time to go find another one

    Way to go!!!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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