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  • Since it’s harder to find good opportunities in the US, have you considered investing in real estate overseas? It could be a good use for IRA money!

    Here in Panama, there are many good opportunities. Many of the houses have no property taxes. Hazard insurance on my house is less than $200 a year. When you buy a house, it usually comes completely furnished including appliances, pots, tv, bed, washer/dryer, etc so it’s a good airbnb candidate or long term rental.

    Some sellers will even do seller financing.

    I’ve given this a good deal of thought lately. Are you still finding deals in Panama? What is the political climate there lately? Is it never ending tribalism like we have here where each day more division is sown?

    Prices have been coming down in some areas in Panama. And they just passed a new rule that tourists can only stay 90 days so that will kill the snowbird traffic for airbnb’s and cause prices to go down even more.

    I’ve been able to get zero interest seller financing for some of my tour clients.

    There are still deals but they are rarely listed with a real estate company. TAxi driver’s know where the motivated sellers are.

    The political climate is stable. Not the division like the US. The economy is making a come back after being shut down for a year.

    Here’s a good report that was written by a trusted friend, Bob Adams

    Panama Economic Report by Bob Adams

    Here’s an example of a $200,000 fully furnished house for sale near Boquete Panama (where I live). In Panama, it is typical for a house to be sold completely furnished – even pots, pans, dishes, sheets, towels, all appliances, and furniture. Ready to RENT!

    Affordable Real Estate in Boquete

    Notice NO PROPERTY TAXES until 2033!

    Insurance would be about $250 a year.

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