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  • I’ve mentioned before that when I’m negotiating to buy real estate, if I give a reason why to justify my offer, it usually gets accepted.

    Here’s an example of an email negotiation that happened last week here in Panama.

    As you may know, I live in Boquete Panama. I have a tour company called Panama Relocation Tours which educated foreigners about living in Panama. Because of the tour company, I get a lot of email from people who have a house for sale. I don’t sell real estate during or after the tour. I only show rentals. But, if I find a good deal, I pass it on to previous tour clients in a private facebook group we have.

    Seller has a house for sale in Cerro Punto Panama. Asking $165,000 for a 3 bedroom 2 bath on a couple acres. Cerro Punta is at about 7,000 to 8,000 feet elevation. It’s where a lot of food is grown in Panama.. all year.

    I asked the seller if she would do seller financing if she got 10-20% down.

    She wrote back that she had to have $100,000 down minimum. I did not respond.

    The next day, she wrote back saying she could do $85,000 down for my tour clients but she would be very negotiable if she got an all cash offer.

    I write back asking if she would take $120,000 CASH because the buyer would never have property taxes at that price – never!

    She said yes!

    Because I gave her the reason to accept $120,000, she said yes.

    So now, I can pass the options on to my tour clients. I have no interest in buying the house because it is 1 1/2 hours from my house.

    Next time you are negotiating price or terms, give the seller the REASON WHY!

    Hi Jackie,

    Great advice as always and a good reminder.

    I am struggling a bit understanding the seller accepting the offer “..because the buyer would never have property taxes at that price – never!”

    Could you clarify:

    Why would that make the seller accept the offer?

    Why would the buyer not pay property taxes ever?

    Thanks in advance!

    HI Rafael

    The “reason why” does not matter – you just need to give some kind of a justification for your offer instead of only an offer.
    The seller is more receptive to your offer if you give a reason why. When you give a reason why, the seller is more likely to want to help you achieve your goals. TRY IT sometime. You’ll see that the “reason why” with the offer really works.

    In Panama, any property which is purchased for $120,000 or less will never, ever have property taxes. Even if it doubles in value. It will still have no property taxes.

    To make it even better, Insurance on a $120,000 house in Panama would be under $200 a YEAR.

    Thanks Jackie!

    Now I can understand the $120K number. I can see myself including a reason why with my offers from now on, it can only help I would think.


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