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  • David and Mary will be teaching their Hassle Free Property Management & Master Leasing seminars on April 26 through April 28, 2019, in Greenville, South Carolina for the Upstate CREIA. Here’s a link to full info:

    It will be the only time they teach their course on the East Coast this year. Master Leasing is a great strategy to use no matter what is going on with the real estate market were you live. You don’t need to buy houses or fix them up but you can get fantastic cash flow! Some CashFlowDepot members are making more than $20,000 a month doing Master Leasing.


    I am not a shill for Dave Tilney.
    I just have a lot of respect for his help and ethics.

    I’ve taken both of David’s classes. They are excellent for two reasons:
    1 – David. He is one of THE best instructors I’ve ever had the opportunity to learn from.
    He knows the material because its what he does.
    2 – the material is usable RIGHT AWAY. As in go home, practice on a few live leads and put it into play in days.

    Thanks David for making this available.
    Putting this info into effect enabled me to travel for almost an entire year without a job.

    Mike Weiss

    I’ll be going to the class for the third time and taking about 10 people with me.

    Here’s an important message from Bill Cook – about David Tilney’s Hassle Free Property Management and Master Leasing Class:

    Everyone on this thread already knows this: David and Mary Tilney teach the best landlording course there is. And you don’t EVEN want to get me going about Master Leasing!!!

    95% of Americans reach age 65 unable to retire and still maintain their current financial status. People have around 50 years to do what it takes to retire financially free. It’s a sin that so many miss the mark.

    When most of us tell people that we’re landlords, the people say, “I’d never do that. Tenants are no good, they don’t pay their rent, and they destroy the house.”

    Is this a true statement? If we get more than 3 calls per tenant per house per year, that would surprise me. We’ve had houses left dirty, but never destroyed. Our average tenant stays almost 5 years. We’ve owned rental property for 24 years.

    But that’s not the thing. Here’s the thing: Kim and I worked hard, we sacrificed, we built up to 35 properties. Now, as we move into our 60’s, thanks to our rentals, we can do what we want, when we want, where we want, with whom we want. But what if we had never met David and Mary Tilney. What if we hadn’t learned that landlording is not a born how to do it thing.

    Pay it forward. Tell three landlords you know that they need to attend David’s course in Greenville, South Carolina!

    Kim and I absolutely love David and Mary!!!

    Bill Cook

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