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  • Hi everyone! Excited to be a part of this community! My name is William Salas and I’m based in Miami FL. Originally born and raised in Chicago, I then moved to NYC for 7 years and have now been in MIA for about 3 years. I’ve been producing music and djing since I was 15 and very fortunate to have been successful at it. I’ve toured all over the world and released a fair amount of music in the last 10 years.

    Real estate is fairly new to me and something I’ve been pursuing actively for about a year and a half now. I’m actively looking for deals full time right now working with a local investment firm wholesaling and rehabbing and I love it! My main goal right now is financial independence within the next 10 years via real estate so I can play and make music when I want to and not because I HAVE to.

    Basically really learning this whole other language and using my knowledge and skill set with real estate to help others. There is still a lot to learn and that’s basically what brought me to CashFlowDepot 🙂

    HI William

    Welcome to the CashFlowDepot family!

    You need to change to change your goals/objectives… with the information you learn at CashFlowDepot, you should be able to achieve financial independence in FIVE years or less.

    I too have traveled extensively and currently live in the mountains of Panama. I still do real estate in Panama but more on a part time basis just for fun.

    Creative real estate investing in a whole new language and one that will serve you well!


    Welcome. You came to the right place for first class learning and first class people

    That’s awesome Jackie! I imagine you have a few rentals holding you down in the USA yes? Excited! I’ve started watching a few of Jacks video, wow! Wealth of info!

    Hi William,

    Yes just like Don mentioned …you came to the right place. With all the books and resources that Jackie has on this site you’ll be set to achieve your goal. Good luck to you

    Patti McGregor

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