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  • Hello, all! I’m Robert.

    I’m just starting although I’ve been reading and researching for almost five years. Some of us are slow statters, and some of us learn by doing. I’m more of the latter I hope, but I can’t deny some of the former applies to me.

    Today is my last day in the Army and I’m recently back in the DFW, Texas area. I’ve made lots of excuses for procrastinating and many of them related to the Army. But it’s time to start. I feel it, if that makes sense at all.

    I have a wife and daughter, and providing for them is very important to me. I luckily have time and an income for now. I’m going to University of Texas at Arlington starting in the fall. It is enough to pay our way for a few years, and I consider it a job for that reason. I’m pursuing a real estate degree, but I fully realize it is a finance degree with a few commercial real estate classes sprinkled in.

    I’m looking for a local, established investor to learn from. Specifically I want to learn about options and contract terms. I am registered for David Tilney’s September class as I see his skill set as extremely important to be successful. I don’t need to focus on master leasing, but using it to help me get started and a tool to use will make me feel much better.

    If anyone knows any good investment groups in the DFW area I would love if you would share. So far I’ve been stuck saying no to guru packages everywhere I’ve looked.

    Thanks for the read. A total pleasure being part of the community!

    P.S. I buy coffee. Let me know if you want a cup!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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