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  • David Tilney is teaching his famout Hassle Free Property Management & Master Leasing – Online!

    Friday, Saturday & Sunday, October 2 – 4, 2020

    He has to cancel the Tampa seminar scheduled for last May due to Covid-19 and hoped to schedule a seminar in Colorado Springs this month, but Covid is still a concern. So, we are going online.

    This will not be a “Seminar in a box.” This will be a live seminar (using Zoom) and you will need to be available on the scheduled days, at the scheduled times. There will not be a recording available later.

    Equally beneficial for beginners, seasoned investors and fee managers with common landlord problems, Hassle Free Property Management is a complete management system which David Tilney has developed over 35+ years.

    This seminar turns the traditional perception of property management upside down. Guaranteed to increase your bottom line and maximize efficiency.

    I’ve taken David’s classes.
    He is a meticulous professional.

    His strengths include: organization, structure & purpose.
    Before I took his classes, I had NONE of these.

    Now — I’m getting better!

    He saved me years — and that is sometimes more important than money.

    Thank you, David.
    Thank you, Jackie


    Wonderful class! I went last year and learned a ton.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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