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  • David Tilney is teaching his famout Hassle Free Property Management & Master Leasing – Online!

    Friday, Saturday & Sunday, October 2 – 4, 2020

    He has to cancel the Tampa seminar scheduled for last May due to Covid-19 and hoped to schedule a seminar in Colorado Springs this month, but Covid is still a concern. So, we are going online.

    This will not be a “Seminar in a box.” This will be a live seminar (using Zoom) and you will need to be available on the scheduled days, at the scheduled times. There will not be a recording available later.

    Equally beneficial for beginners, seasoned investors and fee managers with common landlord problems, Hassle Free Property Management is a complete management system which David Tilney has developed over 35+ years.

    This seminar turns the traditional perception of property management upside down. Guaranteed to increase your bottom line and maximize efficiency.

    I’ve taken David’s classes.
    He is a meticulous professional.

    His strengths include: organization, structure & purpose.
    Before I took his classes, I had NONE of these.

    Now — I’m getting better!

    He saved me years — and that is sometimes more important than money.

    Thank you, David.
    Thank you, Jackie


    Wonderful class! I went last year and learned a ton.

    I attended the training last week in his first-ever webinar format.
    The training class was excellent and the webinar was super convenient and very well run.
    I came away with a number of new tools, techniques, and philosophies to make me a better Landlord (or Master Tenant).
    I also had a little bit of time to network with classmates.
    Overall, I highly recommend the class.


    Thanks for the feedback. David was so nervous about doing an Online Class. I’m glad it was excellent… like everything else David does.

    Be sure to check out the CashFlowDepot recordings of seminars that we did about master leasing too.

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