Plans to tax homeowners to force them into becoming lifelong renters

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    This video was just uploaded this evening. Scary stuff. See what you think:

    Biden Just DESTROYED Real Estate Investing (New Bill)

    per this 10:59 minute video, from ThisisJohnWilliams on 15 June 2021:

    Real Estate, Real Estate Investing and Property Investing… The great generators of wealth generation. Would you invest in real estate or multi family real estate with these pending new changes that will impact real estate investing under Biden? I think that real estate investing right now is in a speculative bubble and will result in a housing crash, housing bubble or market crash.

    Be careful with investing your money into real estate right now as Biden just signed a new bill to make radical changes to real estate investing. This will cause a market crash unlike anything we have ever seen before.

    PLUS 282 comments, & counting fast since this video has only been live for two hours or so….

    –Dee Graber

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